Elect Jerry M Kennedy

for County Commissioner

  1. What is your background, and what qualifies you for this office?
    • Born and raised in Albany County, married 50 years, two sons. Jerry and wife Evelyn are self-employed, own/operate Dodge Creek Ranch in Northern Albany County,  Sybille Fire Zone, and member of Farm Bureau and Stockgrowers, Masonic Lodge, and NRA.
    • I actively represent Albany County at State and Local level. 
      • I attend, and participate in Wyoming County Commissioners Association.
      • Reappointed by Governor  Freudenthal  and Governor Mead to the Public Safety Communications Commission to represent County Government.
      • I was operations Working Group Chairman for the WYOLINK project and I am still an active member.
    • I’m dedicated to the WHOLE county and accessible to all. I understand the workings of government and personnel.
  2. What is the most important issue that the County Commission should address in the upcoming year?
    • The most important issue that the County Commissioners will have to deal with in the upcoming year is protection of the personal and property rights of the citizens of Albany County.
    • Trying to keep Albany County a safe and friendly place to live is also very important as well as maintaining the excellent quality personnel with which the offices are currently staffed.